2000's VAULT

Tuberville dominates the Tide
and Cam Newton makes his
way to the Plains.

AAfter appearing in the SEC championship game in 2000, the Auburn fans experienced a string of exciting seasons in the 2000s. An Iron Bowl victory in 2002 began a six-year win streak over Alabama, and the Tigers went 13-0, won the SEC championship and won the Sugar Bowl in 2004 under coach Tuberville. Gene Chizik took the reins of the program in 2009 – the next year, led by a high-powered offense coached by Gus Malzahn and executed by Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton, the Tigers went 12-0, won the SEC Championship and defeated Oregon to win the BCS National Championship.

Chizik left the program after the 2012 season, and in 2013 in his first year as head coach, Gus Malzahn led Auburn to another National Championship game, this time falling in the fourth quarter to Florida State. 2013 recorded two of the most renowned plays in Auburn football and college football history – the Prayer in Jordan Hare and the Kick Six. 

Rooter tooter
Auburn vs. Arkansas - 2002

One of the most controversial designs Tiger Rags has ever produced, this loss against Arkansas didn’t stop the success of this bold gameshirt. At the time, none of the Tiger Rags team thought the term “rooter to the tooter” would be considered suggestive or controversial. President of Tiger Rags, Jerry Rigby, explained that at the time of production, plenty of other places were using the same terminology. Even though the phrase was nothing new to some patrons around town, alumni still complained that the design was ultimately inappropriate and far too suggestive. Although some people may find the design too risque, it is still a Tiger Rags favorite.

Auburn vs. Vanderbilt - 2003

The Vanderbilt Lionel Richie-inspired gameshirt is a fan favorite because of the impeccable detail of its design. The Auburn Family loves a shirt that tells a story, and the story of the 2003 Vanderbilt game is a sweet one. After defeating Vanderbuilt 45-7, Auburn fans could all agree that the matchup against Vandy was “easy like Sunday morning!”

Navy Nightmare
Auburn vs. Ole Miss. - 2009

The Auburn Tigers secured a 33-20 win over the Ole Miss Rebels on Halloween day in 2009. Students and fans were told to wear navy for this game, which is why Tiger Rags designers chose a navy shirt for their Navy Nightmare design (despite the printing difficulties). Due to the dark color of the shirt, the printing process took twice as long, but that didn’t stop Tiger Rags from printing or the fans from buying! To top it off, the shirt was glow-in-the-dark when it was first printed, which added to the spooky Halloween theme of the game.

National Championship Shirt
Auburn vs. Alabama - 2010

One of Auburn’s most legendary seasons, the 2010 National Championship was a memorable time for the Tiger Rags team. Even with the preparation of 1000 shirts printed ahead of time, winning the National Championship put the Auburn family in a frenzy with shirts selling out faster than ever before! The Tiger Rags team printed the National Championship shirts continuously for a week after the game with no sign of a decrease in demand. The steady sales of the shirt continued through March and did not subside until that Christmas season.

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