Unique designs showcasing the history of Auburn football, exclusively for the biggest fans.

TTiger Rags has offered exclusive shirt designs to Spirit Club members for more than three decades. We’re proud to show the history of Auburn football through our unique artwork, and hope the memories of each game are brought back each time our customers wear their shirts.

Gator Hater
Auburn vs. Florida - 1983

Known as one of the shirts people love to hate, the Gator Hater shirt is considered one of Tiger Rags most famous designs. The shirt caused an extreme uproar and encouraged the rivalry between the Auburn Tigers and the Florida Gators. They sold so fast that the Tiger Rags owners had to make frequent trips to Atlanta to pick up more plain white Russell T shirts for their design to be printed on. At this time, the shirts were printed by hand so you can imagine the time commitment it took to keep this sale going. Unfortunately, Auburn University asked Tiger Rags to discontinue the design after someone spray painted Gator Hater on the side of Jordan-Hare stadium. The infamy of the design lives on and was even mimicked by many. When asked if it bothered them that people were essentially stealing the design, one of the founders and owners of Tiger Rags, Charlie Gross stated, “Mockery is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Spirit Club Shirts

Here at Tiger Rags, we love and appreciate our True Blue Sprit Club members. Each year, we create an exclusive shirt for the club that everyone wants to be a part of! Learn more about the membership here

So Good We Printed it Twice!

Auburn vs. Tennessee is an unpredictable game almost every season. Initially in 2003, this shirt was printed and quickly became a fan favorite within the Auburn family. Later, in 2008 we made the decision to reprint this highly demanded shirt!